From our family to yours come non GMO beef,
non GMO grain and natural fertilizer. Try them today!

Non GMO Corn Fed Beef

Non GMO Corn Fed Beef | RR 1 Farms

For more than five years, RR 1 Farms has worked very hard to bring you superior quality, non GMO corn fed beef. Omaha, Nebraska area residents are some...

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Non GMO Grain For Sale

Non GMO Grain For Sale | RR 1 Farms

If you want to grow the best beef or other meat, you need the best grain. Feeding your livestock garbage will only yield inferior meat. At RR 1 Farms...

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Natural Fertilizer For Sale

Natural Fertilizer For Sale | RR 1 Farms

Omaha, Nebraska is farm country. That’s no secret. But what is something of a secret is that the majority of farms out there are using fertilizers that...

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Welcome To RR 1 Farms

At RR 1 Farms, we firmly believe that if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. To that end, we’ve completely dedicated ourselves to offering Omaha, Nebraska area customers the very freshest non-genetically modified foods and natural fertilizer. Our non GMO corn fed beef, non GMO grain for sale and natural fertilizer for sale aren’t only good for you, they’re good for the earth we all share and that gives us great pride in what we do.

We treat you, our valued customers, the way we would want to be treated. That mentality has been the cornerstone of our success. Every day, we’re up before sunrise, working until after it sets bringing you the delicious, nutritious non GMO foods our many loyal customers have come to love.

One taste of our mouthwatering non GMO corn fed beef and you’ll become a customer for life. We’re that confident in the superior quality of this meat, which was lovingly raised with flavor, nutrition and ecology in mind, and we know you’ll love it too.

The same goes for our non GMO grain for sale. While not as exciting a subject as our beef, we’re still very proud of the high quality of this staple foodstuff. Try it and see for yourself what a difference the RR 1 touch makes.

If you’re looking for an outstanding fertilizer that’s as natural as our beef and non GMO grain for sale, look no further than our natural fertilizer for sale, which farmers and gardeners alike prize not only for the yields it helps achieve but also for its earth-friendly nature. We proudly offer Neptune Harvest Fertilizers.

RR 1 Farms is verified by the Non GMO Project, whose independent seal of approval means you can rest assured knowing our products really are what we advertise. You’ll only ever get verified non GMO corn fed beef, non GMO grain for sale and natural fertilizer for sale from us.

We are RR 1 Farms, and we made all of this for you. Come enjoy the fruits of our labor today.

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