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When you’re looking for the freshest, healthiest non GMO corn fed beef, non GMO grain for sale and natural fertilizer for sale, look no further than RR 1 Farms. We are Omaha, Nebraska’s premier source for top quality beef, grain and fertilizer because discerning customers know they won’t find better products at better prices anywhere in the area.

God, family, cattle and land is our way of life here at RR 1 Farms, a multi-generation family farm. We’re very proud of that, and it shows in the outstanding quality of our non GMO corn fed beef, non GMO grain and natural fertilizer. From before sunrise until after sunset, our family is hard at work bringing your family the very best beef, grain and fertilizer. The fruits of our labor are the staples of your diet. In this way, we forge a bond with our customers, who we view as an extension of our own family — the RR 1 Farms family.

Try our delicious non GMO corn fed beef and you’ll never want beef from anywhere else again. We know that’s a bold statement to make here in cattleman country, but we’re confident that you’ll taste the RR 1 Farms difference with your first bite of our beef. Our cattle is raised humanely and naturally, never with GMO ingredients. And we’re verified by the Non GMO Project, an independent entity, so you can rest easy knowing our non GMO corn fed beef is exactly as advertised.

Our non GMO grain for sale might not make your mouth water like our non GMO corn fed beef does, but you can bet it makes the cattle’s mouths water! Nutritious grain grows nutritious beef, and livestock fed on our grain contain none of the nasty GMOs that are so pervasive in our food supply today.

We also offer natural fertilizer that will nourish your crops or even your garden without dangerous chemical additives.

So for the best non GMO corn fed beef, non GMO grain for sale and natural fertilizer for sale, try RR 1 Farms and let our family take care of yours.

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