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For more than five years, RR 1 Farms has worked very hard to bring you superior quality, non GMO corn fed beef. Omaha, Nebraska area residents are some of the most discerning consumers of beef in the nation, and we knew that if we could produce exceptional meat that meets your lofty standards, we’d win over any carnivore.

What’s the secret to our delicious non GMO corn fed beef? Well, there’s no one single thing that makes ours better than the rest. It’s a combination of factors. Our corn-fed beef comes from happy cattle, animals from which comes meat that’s Verified Natural and NHTC-certified, non GMO Nebraska corn finished.

Once the cattle is delivered to our farm, they’re fed corn, grain and other forage grown right here on our own farm so we — and you — can trust that only natural ingredients make their way into your meat.

Some of what goes into our award-winning non GMO corn fed beef is just between us and our cattle. A trade secret, if you will. But everything we do is geared toward delivering only the best, natural beef to you, our valued customers.

It’s nice to receive recognition for the hard work we do and the fine beef we raise. And in 2012, we were honored to receive the GridMaster award, confirming our place among the nation’s top beef producers. It’s more than just beef sales here at RR1 Farms — we take great pride in what we do, and industry recognition is something you can share the pride in too when you feed your family our superlative product.

We pledge to offer only healthy, fresh, highly nutritious, mouthwatering beef for you and your family. Try RR 1 Farms non GMO corn fed beef and you’ll taste the labor of love that goes into producing it.

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